What is UNICA?

Imagine a worldwide club for non-commercial film makers, bringing people together through their shared love of films and film making.

The members of UNICA are not individuals. They are the national organisations of non-commercial film makers – including IAC in the UK. One of UNICA’s main activities is an annual week-long festival bringing together film lovers from around the world. The first UNICA festival was held in 1931.

The festival is hosted by a different member country each year. At the festival, each country presents a programme of films. An international jury comments on the films and awards medals. Anyone can go to the festival, watch the best short films from around the world, meet enthusiasts and join in the fun as they choose.

More information in this leaflet and on the UNICA web-site.


The IAC is a national organisation supporting non-commercial film makers in the UK. It is a long-term member of UNICA and is hosting the UNICA 2020 festival in Birmingham. The last UNICA festival in the UK was in 1951.

Anyone can come along and enjoy the films at UNICA 2020 for free. The other, chargeable, activities include one full day and one half day excursion, an opening banquet and a closing banquet. Watch this website for the opportunity to book them.

Discover more about the IAC on the website www.theiac.org.uk .