UNICA 2020 is cancelled

But we have an on-line UNICA instead.

Register to watch the films this weekend 28th – 30th August here and you will be sent a link and a password.

There will also be a webcast on Sunday 30th at 7pm BST.

John Howden FACI, Chairman of IAC

Another message from John Howden:

In my previous announcement (below) I made a veiled promise that I was hopeful that the IAC MIGHT host UNICA 2021 in the place of UNICA 2020.  The IAC Council has now debated this proposal and has decided that the Institute, with regret, cannot host UNICA 2021.  Therefore UNICA 2020 and UNICA 2021 will not be taking place in the UK. 

Given the current uncertainty world-wide concerning coronavirus, the IAC has regretfully decided that it would be very difficult to run UNICA 2020 as originally planned. 

We are very sad about this since we were looking forward to welcoming you to the delights of Birmingham and the many films that we would have seen.  It is therefore my sad duty to give you the news that UNICA 2020 , scheduled for August 8 – 16 , is cancelled. Arrangements about your Congress Card bookings will be sent to you and, if you have already booked travel and hotels, please remember to cancel those as well. 

That is the bad news, now for some better news.  The IAC is in discussion about 2021 and we hope to make an announcement about that very soon.  I am very hopeful that UNICA in the UK will happen, in the meantime stay safe and well.

Message from UNICA President, David Watterson